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These women know how to host a podcast! Fun, authentic, real conversations with women that are proving midlife can be the best season of your life!

On this episode, we talk about holistic health, fitness, & well-being for women over 40. Our bodies change with time and often that can feel demotivating. But the fact is, you can feel better than ever before with a purposeful plan that includes cardiovascular exercise, strength training, nutrition, sleep, and stress reduction techniques. Listen to the podcast for practical advice and pro tips on all of these important components.

Learn how to use your most powerful tool - your mindset - to get your Midlife Moxie on!

Here's a sneak peak..

Listen to the entire interview now!

Want more individualized help or coaching? Set up a free call with me to discuss how you can get your Midlife Moxie on & Live Your Truth!


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