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Exciting News!


Introducing, LEAN & STRONG, a brand new condensed THRIVE Women workshop giving you a nutrition & exercise plan that takes the guesswork out of thriving in perimenopause, menopause and beyond.  

LEAN & STRONG makes implementing the 3 THRIVE pillars achievable so you can reach your health goals quicker and maintain them not just longer, but forever.

Join me and Manhattan-based nutrition coach, Sara Siskind, meeting with every participant to make sure Lean & Strong program fits your individual needs.  

Are you exercising and eating healthy but not getting results?

Lean & Strong applies the new science using research on perimenopausal and menopausal women.  Because what we've been told all these years... it's all been based on men.  And women are not small men.


Implementing fitness and nutrition methods that get results for women who’s hormones, bone density, and lean muscle have diminished.


At THRIVE Women Fitness, we understand that on top of all this, your life stressors have multiplied with age causing all sorts of detrimental health risks. And we know what It feels like... because we are going through it, too.


We can attest both personally and professionally, Lean & Strong works!  Our clients are feeling and seeing results after being stuck for years.  

Monday, May 6th

 8pm EST

Sign up today to get Lean & Strong!

Now is your time to THRIVE

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