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Next THRIVE Women starts May 1, 2024

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 Look & Feel Your Best at Every Age

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Have you reached a point where you feel at war with your own body? 

If you're a woman in your 40's, 50's or even 60's, struggling with weight gain, disrupted sleep, and an emotional rollercoaster that seems never-ending, we know the frustration. The methods that used to work don’t seem to make a dent anymore. You're not alone.

Introducing Thrive Women: A Lifeline for Women Wanting to Thrive Through Midlife and Beyond 

This isn't just another quick fix health program. It's a path to a higher quality of life for women who have been sidelined by age-related changes of feeling unwell and often unhappy.   It's for women who've been feeling stuck, unsure of how to get back their mojo.  It’s for women who are doing “all the right things”, but aren’t getting results like they used to.


THRIVE Women is about starting fresh; implementing the new scientifically proven fitness and nutrition methods that work for women, not the same old advice that doesn’t simply doesn't work. 

Why Thrive Women?

Strengthen Your Body: Reclaim your vitality with exercise routines that fortify your changing body and reduce literally every age-related health risk.  Learn how to progress safely and effectively, turning healthy habits into a sustainable lifestyle.

Strengthen Your Mind: Transcend the fear of aging and realize you can look and feel your best at every age.  It's not about what you have to give up, nor what you "must do".  It's about owning your power to choose to living this half of your life vibrantly.

Take Control: Learn to navigate your health and life with newfound confidence. Take the reins and feel in control again.

What’s Inside the Program?

One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Shannon & Sara: Unlike most online programs, at THRIVE Women we meet with you to develop an individualized exercise and nutrition program using the THRIVE Women principles.   

Weekly Learning Sessions: Strategies that address weight, sleep, and emotional well-being, designed for women in the second half of life.

Community Support: A robust support network of women who understand and share your journey.


Finding Hormonal Harmony 

Knowledge is power.  You learn the why behind negative health changes related to menopause.  When you understand the physiology, you will grasp the power of implementing THRIVE exercise and nutrition plans to counteract the biological clock.  We abolish the myths and teach the scientifically proven methods that are working for women worldwide.


Building Lean Muscle 

Learn the vital role of protein + strength training to shed weight and sculpt muscle.  Adopt life-long eating habits to attain your ideal body size, losing body fat and improving lean muscle.  You'll get resistance training workouts designed for pre and post-menopause women and tailored specifically to YOU.   


Exercising With Purpose, Nutrition Timing, Making Smarter Choices with Lasting Impact

Understand the everyday choices that shape your well-being. We'll focus on what to avoid and what to prioritize for better energy, improved sleep, and a balanced mindset.  You'll get cardiovascular training plans designed especially for pre and post-menopause women.  You will maximize your effectiveness and your time.  


Creating Sustainable Habits

We put it all together - the nutrition, exercise and mindset teachings so you can apply THRIVE Women strategies for lifelong wellness.  You move forward with sustainable self-care habits that stick.  Learn how to navigate holidays, vacations, work trips and unexpected setbacks, making your health habits an effortless part of your lifestyle.


4 Weeks of Guidance: Join once weekly group Zoom calls to learn the THRIVE Women strategies and get support from your coaches and community.  Miss a live call? Watch the replay at your convenience.

Personal Coaching: This sets our THRIVE Women apart.  We lead group sessions but also you get 2 personalized meetings with each coach.  Sara and Shannon will tailor your nutrition and fitness plans to work with your unique life challenges.

Nutritional Navigation: Receive a shopping list to guide you through what to embrace and what to avoid, alongside a meal plan filled with easy-to-prepare recipes—5 breakfasts, 7-9 lunches/dinners, and 5 snacks.  Recipes galore!

Lifestyle Enhancement: Gain valuable tips for eating out without derailing your goals.

Workout Routines: Access the private THRIVE Women YouTube channel with workout videos focusing on stretching, weights, flexibility, and mobility for women in perimenopause and beyond.

Support and Motivation: Benefit from weekly emails, accountability check-ins, an active group chat for ongoing support, and an accountability tracker to monitor your journey.

Is THRIVE Women for you?  Yes, if you...

* Are ready to embrace your menopause body and health with a newfound positivity.

* Have experienced the merry-go-round of weight loss tactics with little to no success.

* Find yourself perplexed by the sea of nutritional advice and crave clarity and simplicity.

* Seek a program that molds to your life, with the flexibility, support, and accountability to ensure success.

No, If you...

- Wish for overnight weight loss miracles.

- Aren't prepared to transform your mindset from despair to dynamism.

- Resist the foundation of lasting lifestyle change.

- Prefer to embark on your health journey without support.

- Are in search of a temporary fix rather than a lifelong solution.


Sara Siskind - Certified Nutritional Health Counselor 

Sara is a devoted mother and nutritional guru with over 15 years of experience guiding clients to their optimal weight and health. Her journey began after realizing the dietary approach that worked in her 20s and 30s wasn't sustainable. Post four children, she re-educated herself in holistic health, pivoting to a whole foods, nutrient-rich diet. Today, Sara's expertise lies in translating her personal insights and professional experience into helping others navigate the nutritional challenges of menopause and peri-menopause, ensuring they not only succeed but thrive.

Shannon Peterson - Certified Master Personal Trainer & Athletic Coach

A 3x World Championship Ironman competitor, Shannon has spent 30 years empowering women through fitness and mindset coaching. Her own encounter with the challenges of menopause reshaped her understanding of women's health, leading to an enlightened approach to training and nutrition. Shannon's methods are informed by overcoming her perimenopausal health struggles and her clients' transformative experiences. Her goal is simple: to enable women to feel extraordinary at any stage of life. 

Together, Sara and Shannon have crafted THRIVE WOMEN, an innovative fitness and nutrition program designed to usher in a new era of wellness for women transitioning through menopause. Join them to revolutionize your health and embrace a life of vitality.



Cathy, a 53-year-old embracing the ‘Wonder Woman’ ideal, felt the weight of perfection in every role of her life, from being a mother to a businesswoman, all while maintaining a flawless appearance. This pursuit left her drained and disillusioned with fitness programs that promised much but delivered little, exacerbating her exhaustion and sleep issues.

Seeking a real change, Cathy came to us skeptical but open for a different approach. We started by reconstructing her mindset, focusing on her capabilities rather than her limitations. Customized workouts began at her level, ensuring each session ended in triumph. Gradually, we introduced more challenging exercises and a simple dietary shift towards more protein.

A year into our program, Cathy's results are profound: her body fat and waistline have significantly reduced, her health markers mirror those of someone much younger, and most importantly, she has regained control and confidence. Cathy's story isn't just about physical transformation; it's about a sustainable, joyful lifestyle shift.

JUDY, 52

Judy, a decade into menopause, was struggling with increasing pant sizes despite her efforts in exercise and healthy eating. She approached me for accountability coaching, half expecting a prescription of more exercise and less food. Instead, we embarked on a journey to revitalize her fitness and nutrition approach.


Our strategy shifted her mindset positively, tailored her workouts for effectiveness, refined her diet for muscle optimization, and set achievable milestones to combat menopausal weight gain.

In just four months, Judy celebrated fitting into her pre-menopause wardrobe, displayed newfound strength and speed in her fitness pursuits, and enjoyed better sleep and significant mood improvement. To others, Judy appeared remarkably vibrant. She credits these changes to what she calls a miracle; I attribute it to our innovative approach to managing menopause

The time to THRIVE is now!   

If you're ready to thrive, click the Tell Me More button below and Shannon will contact you with more information on how to sign up for our next THRIVE Women session!

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