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6 Lifestyle Mistakes that Slow Down your Metabolism After 40

It’s easy to blame age for all your metabolism woes.

TRUTH - your lifestyle choices impact your declining metabolism more than your trips around the sun.

And yes, I’m 50, I’m not denying we have hormonal changes that contribute to our weight maintenance challenges, but…

You make choices every day that boost your caloric expenditure or diminish it.

Choose wisely girlfriend.

My Top 3 Pro Tips:

👉 Get an accountability partner to workout with - friend, spouse, coach

👉 Shoot for 15+ grams of protein at every meal (1 egg = 6g, 1/2 chicken breast = 21-25g, 1 cup Greek yogurt = 13g)

👉 Limit alcohol and to 2-3 drinks per week (normal portion size 🍷🍺)

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