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My Top 5 Inspirational Instagram Follows!

Social media can often be demonized, but I find so many inspiring women that I never would have been exposed to if it weren't for Instagram. Here are my most recent 10 favorite Instagram accounts that uplift, enlighten, and empower me to be my best self... to Live My Truth.

@ncrunnerjacky - Ultra runner, Cancer Survivor, World Record Holder.... oh, and she's an above the knee amputee. Her positive energy and can-do attitude will inspire you to see challenges as growth opportunities!

@killabushey - Oympic Hopeful, Triple Jumper, Badass. Her insta photos are amazingly inspiring acts of female power but be sure to READ her posts, too. They are chock full of positive mindset messages.

@livefeistymedia - media haven for the unapologetically fit & feisty. This all female run company produces multiple podcasts - there's something for every woman. From @feistymenopause to @ironwomen_podcast to @louisegreen_bigfitgirl

@herincrediblemindset - community to inspired, motivate, and empower women with daily inspirational quotes.

@sky_umka - Olga Naumova is a "sky gypsy". Athlete and skydive instructor that is living proof girls can do anything!


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