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The Mindset House on Clubhouse

New way to connect, learn, flourish, & inspire each other! Join me in The Mindset House club where we discuss life topics in safe, inclusive, open forum.


Clubhouse is a new audio only social media platform. Think of it as a global university that’s open 24-7. You can go into any room and listen to the speakers discuss topics ranging from health & wellness to financial tips to building quality relationships. You can sit in the audience and listen or you can raise your hand and speak or ask questions. Pretty cool, right?


The Mindset House club holds daily rooms with fabulous moderators. My room “Women Inspiring Women”, is on Wednesday's at 5pm PST. Join us for an open, real-life chat about whatever is on your mind & in your heart. You are always welcome to just listen in as well.


👉 Comment below or DM me on Instagram how to join in!


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