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Back to Life: Finding Fulfillment in Midlife

I recently had the honor to be a guest on Danny Bader's fabulous podcast “Back to Life: Finding Fulfillment After 50”. Even if you're not 50 (I'm 49), this is really about finding fulfillment in midlife.

Midlife is often a time we struggle with "What's my purpose?" or "How do I procure this so-called 'self-love' that everyone talks about?". For me, it was a series of Midlife Awakenings. I had to dig deep to figure out my WHY's in life. Why did I chose unhealthy relationships over and over? Why did I stay in a job that tore down my self-confidence and replaced it with fear and doubt? Why did I push myself to the point of physical burnout that lead me to not just one, but 2 near death experiences?

While all of our stories are different, we can certainly relate to the feelings and thought patterns that can lead to a midlife plagued with discontent, unease, and general malaise. But this is what I know for sure, listening to other people's stories helps. You realize, "I am not alone". And that there are take-aways from each story that I can implement into my own life to cultivate joy.

I invite you to listen to my podcast and then please DM me here or on IG or FB and let me know if you are motivated to implement the 3 A's I discuss - Awareness, Acceptance, and Action.


👉 What is your priority right now in creating meaningful life change?

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