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F.I.T. Challenge: Physical & Mental Strength Building for Women - the Confidence Connection

The F.I.T. Mind-Body-Spirit Challenge will help guide, motivate and support you and your squad of fabulous women to be the best version of yourselves and as a collective force! Challenges are available as 5, 10, or 30 day programs to meet the needs of your team.

F.I.T. stands for Fierce Intentional Transformation. To be fierce, means to show a heartfelt and powerful intensity. A fierce woman fights for what she wants. She does not play small nor deprioritize her desires out of fear or doubt. An intentional woman takes action that leads her closer to her goals. And a Live Your Truth woman seeks transformation not because she is broken, but because she seeks to explore her limitless potential and takes every opportunity to create her best self. ⁠

🧠 MIND = Daily live sessions with tips & strategies on mindset resets that will develop self-confidence, self-trust, & self belief.⁠

💪 BODY = Virtual personal training sessions with me and our F.I.T. sisterhood! Do it at home with minimal equipment. Works for all fitness levels. Guaranteed.⁠

🔥 SPIRIT = Advice, support, and practical applications to tap into limitless reservoir of inner strength & reignite your soul.⁠

This challenge is perfect to implement at work, with a group of friends, or with you favorite social club/network - from book clubs to mom meet-ups. Find out more details on how you can sign up your squad today!

Email me at or DM me on any of my social media platforms (IG, FB, LinkedIn)

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