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Women's Health Workshop

 To optimize our health & wellness we need to exercise, eat, and think... like women.

Fat vs Muscle

Muscle doesn't weigh more than fat, it takes up less space in your body than fat.  More muscle and less body fat adds is the key to a healthy, lean physique. 

139 lbs

Untitled 2.png

145 lbs

Same Weight
Different Look

Evidence of why the scale is not a good indicator of how you look, nor your health

Sample Exercise Week


Heavy lift day - 3 sets of 6 reps/exercise:


squats, chest press, deadlifts, pull-ups


High Interval Training Day

Warm up 15 min

8x of 30 sec sprints + 30 sec easy

Cool down 15 min


Cardio endurance day at 60-70% effort


(long run, bike, hike, swim) 


Heavy lift in combo w/ HIIT training


Light-moderate strength training  

balance & form focus

30-60 min Easy cardio (dog walk, dance)


Moderate effort endurance training w/ HIIT


Yoga, muscle recovery, foam roll

Key Points to Remember

1.  Lift Heavier Weights to optimize health & help decrease body fat 

2.  Super High Interval Training

3.  More Protein

4.  Power of Positive Mindset

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